Top Boy Season 5 Ending Explained: Who Killed Sully?

Meanwhile, Sully has concluded that Jaq took his drugs and informed Kieron, who pretends not to know.

Published: September 8th, 2023 5:56 am | Updated: September 8, 2023 5:56 am

The last moments of Netflix’s criminal thriller left us with many unresolved questions. And the answer to Top Boy Season 5 ending is here.

Season five of the Netflix drama features Sully and Dushane, two legendary drug dealers who struggle for money and power on London’s harsh streets, and it ends with a bang. But how does Season 5 end?

With so many unanswered questions following Series 4, the new season did not disappoint, delivering more tension, fights, and drama than ever before. So, who is the true top boy of Summerhouse Estate? Continue reading to find out!

Top Boy Season 5: Sully realizes Jaq has stolen his drugs.

Top Boy Season 5

Meanwhile, Sully has concluded that Jaq took his drugs and informed Kieron, who pretends not to know.

Sully invites Kieron to meet up. Jaq tells her girlfriend, Becks, about giving the drugs to Sully, and Becks begs her to stop peddling drugs and committing crimes.

When Kieron and Sully finally meet, Sully tells him he shouldn’t have lied to him, and Kieron apologizes.

However, Sully’s right-hand man, Junior, takes Kieron out of the car and into a van. Meanwhile, the uproar on the Estate continues, and when Jaq goes to see Sully to return the drugs, she is attacked by Dushane, who snatches the bags to deliver to Latif as payment for the drugs.

Jaq notifies Sully, who is enraged and tells her she won’t be getting a pass, and neither did Kieron, so Jaq goes to Kieron’s house to look for him, only to discover that Kieron was murdered on Sully’s orders, and Sully now wants to find and kill Dushane. Sully is focused on finding Dushane so Jaq may return home to Becks.

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Sully murders Dushane

Top Boy Season 5
Radio Times

As Latif sets up his escape, Dushane tries to flee the Estate, but he is discovered and chased by Sully. A shootout erupts between Dushane, Latif’s men, Sully, and Junior, both a young drug dealer & Junior being fatally shot in the process.

As Sully finds Dushane, he shoots him, and as Dushane is bleeding out, they debate about the stolen drugs, money, and power, Then, Sully discovers that Dushane has died.

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What happened to Stef in Top Boy?

Top Boy Season 5
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Stef, who has fought with his desire for revenge throughout the season, eventually faces Sully in Top Boy’s last episode, holding him at gunpoint in a nearby park.

He aims it towards Sully, who says that Stefan should not have had to see him shooting and killing Jamie. But Stefan lays down the gun, tells Sully he’s not worth it, and walks away.

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Who Killed Sully?

Top Boy Season 5
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Stef, the most likely person, is the one who murdered Sully, questioning the noble road before ultimately taking a terrible turn. But why block our perspective of the murderer if we can’t be sure?

Or the uncertainty is the aim. Perhaps it doesn’t matter who pulled the shot in the end – living the lives they do, Sully and Dushane were perpetually likely to get caught by someone.

They’ve left, but the consequences of their acts will be felt for a long time. The cycle of violence will persist.