Andy Cohen Speaks About Kissing Jennifer Lawrence!!!

When kissing Jennifer Lawrence on "What What Happens Live," Andy Cohen said he was "nervous."In a June episode of the show.

Published: August 28th, 2023 7:50 am | Updated: August 28, 2023 7:50 am

While hosting Watch What Happens Live in June, Andy Cohen and Jennifer Lawrence shared a passionate kiss that left him uneasy.

When kissing Jennifer Lawrence on “What What Happens Live,” Andy Cohen said he was “nervous.”In a June episode of the show, the 55-year-old TV star and the Oscar-winning actress shared a passionate kiss, and Andy has now acknowledged that he was apprehensive about it.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful young actors in the movie business. In her career, the actress has been in more than 25 films, all of which are worth seeing. She accurately and reliably represents her characters; consequently, she received several honors at a young age.

When the 33-year-old actress joked that they should kiss, Cohen, 55, openly confessed that he was “so nervous.” He couldn’t help but gush over Lawrence, calling him “so hot.”

During the segment of the show “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen!” they locked lips after Lawrence jokingly noted that he had previously kissed John Mayer but not her.

Despite this, Andy remembers the kiss as “really nice” and enjoys discussing it. He said: “Yeah, it was nice. It was nice.”After Andy jokingly said he was “negotiating a kiss” with Jennifer, 33, the famous couple kissed.

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Here Is What More Andy Cohen Said About Jennifer Lawrence.

Andy Cohen

Lawrence couldn’t help but question Cohen whether their private time had any physical effects on him as the sparks flowed while maintaining her signature sense of humor.

Cohen, who is always honest, replied sarcastically, “I’m hard as a rock. I’m bone hard.”This wasn’t Cohen’s first public kiss; in June 2018, during John Mayer’s 50th birthday celebration, he also shared a passionate kiss. Cohen has been confident their connection is completely platonic despite the head-turning kiss.

He emphasized their “very sweet friendship” and said that people frequently believe them to be romantically linked because of their proximity.

In one such incident, the actress kissed Andy Cohen during a portion of What Happens Live while there and inquired if his penis had any reaction.

Andy Cohen, visibly humiliated, admitted that he loved the kiss and that his boner was hard. Lawrence was aware that John Mayer and the host had an asexual connection and that the host avoided having any sexual interactions with him. As a result, the actress decided to write a funny show part.

Jennifer denied reports that she slept with Liam Hemsworth when he was still with Miley Cyrus during the program. The blonde beauty responded to the rumors by saying, “Total rumor.

In 2015, Jennifer appeared on the same program and acknowledged that she had kissed Liam, 33, off camera, but said it had happened after their breakup from the 30-year-old pop sensation.