Ancient Apocalypse Releasing Today on Netflix

Ancient apocalypse investigates 6 stories of the collapse of some of the world’s greatest civilizations. Ancient Apocalypse season 1 Release Date and time: Ancient Apocalypse season 1 will be released on November 11, 2022. Most of the fans have been curiously wanting to see the film.

Ancient Apocalypse is one of the upcoming documentary television series this series received huge popularity within the promise of just if you trailers which went in season 1 the fans are very much excited about this ancient apocalypse.

The main characters of the movie are Alisdair Simpson the narrator of the movie. Mary Ann Ochotq is an Anthropologist. And the series was directed by Nicky Blister, Justin Rickert, Patrick Dickinson, and Kim Lask.

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Ancient Apocalypse Cast Members

Ancient Apocalypse

The Series Ancient Apocalypse is produced by Tantrik Dixon executive producer Peter flasher is the aligned producer robot is the drama assistant producer and Justin wicked is the producer coming to the cinematography Kevin board and Danny cook or the best in this series and the editing is done by John mortal Louis popping and the production management was Val Campbell.

Coming to the art department of the web series is done by John Harley and the sound department is done by Alice Davies.

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The Plot 

Ancient Apocalypse

All the people of the movie followers are waiting to watch the movie. it seems to explain how human achievements were destroyed by the force of nature over the ages Civilization has taken up and then disappeared it seems to explain many things that we need to learn from the present world journalist Graham hand cock travels the globe seeking evidence of mysterious lost Civilization dating back to the last ice age.

Graham and cock is a prolific writer and author who has produced doesn’t title and return for the times and the guardian his published work includes magician of gods America before the key to earth lost Civilization and the most recent visionary much of Hancock’s work is heavily disputed including the idea of the was an advanced Civilization that disappeared 12000 years ago.

And see in Hancock considerately work on Netflix as a senior manager of un-script originals. So these are the main details of the film which is streaming now on online websites and release on November 11. so this is all about Ancient Apocalypse season 1.