Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Leif Eriksson Vs Olaf and Warriors

The first look of the series Vikings Valhalla Season 2, was revealed on September 23rd at TUDUM Event.  The filming work of this series has already been finished a few days ago. This historical series was able to make its place in the hearts of all the viewers with Season 1.

This historical drama of Netflix takes place almost one century after the events that happened in Vikings, which witnessed the sons of Ragnarok set sail with their army to invade the territory of England to avenge their father toward the end.

The background of the series is basically based on the end of the Viking age, and also the Battle of Stamford Bridge which took place in 1066.

The first season of this series was released early this year on February 25, 2022. And as soon as it was streamed on Netflix it got quite a positive and loving response from all the viewers and it had been watched for more than 80.56 million hours.

Looking at the response and the number of hours it had been watched you can easily figure out that why this series got the privilege of renewal for its second and third seasons. The series is basically a spin-off of a series that premiered on the History Channel titled Vikings which was released from 2013 all the way to 2020.

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Renewal Status of Vikings Valhalla Season 2:

Vikings Valhalla Season 2

On the date March 9, 2022, the official announcement was made that Vikings: Valhalla will be getting the privilege of Season 2 and Season 3.

We already know that the filming part of the series has already been finished but till now there is no official information regarding the exact release date of the series.

During the TUDUM fan event on September 23, 2022, Netflix made the announcement that the new season will be released in 2023.

Looking at the release patterns and by trying to make an intelligent guess we can assume that Season 2 will arrive somewhere around early 2023 if everything goes as planned!!!

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Cast Members of Vikings Valhalla Season 2: 

Vikings Valhalla Season 2

Till now there is no official announcement regarding the cast members of the series but till then, you can at least expect the below-listed actors as cast members in the upcoming Season 2 of the series.

Sam Corlett in the role of Leif Eriksson
Leo Suter in the role of Harald Sigurdsson
Frida Gustavsson in the role of Freydis Eriksdotter
Laura Berlin in the role of Emma of Normandy
David Oakes in the role of Earl Godwin
Johannes Haukur Johannesson in the role of Olaf Haraldsson

The possible plot of Season 2: 

Vikings Valhalla Season 2
Netflix Life

No official storyline has been out by the streaming services or the makers. But at least those who have seen the first season of the series can at least speculate about the possible storyline of Season 2.

Leif is going into full Erik into the Red mode in the next outing of him, giving rise to more action sequences that will definitely excite the fans. Also, Harald will be moving forward after barely surviving the first set of episodes.

Two more characters Emma and Godwin will be attempting in England to deter any kind of payback from the Ælfgifu.

The number of episodes in Vikings Valhalla Season 2: 

As announced by the makers of the series it will be having 24 episodes in totality.

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