Cardi B Slammed Haters On Twitter By Shutting The Insta Account Of Her Daughter!

Cardi B Update: It has become very much common for any celebrity to get trolled or abused by some haters on social media. It started with the grace of social media where people are misusing their rights totally on such platforms.

And if someone is getting victimized by these things then we cannot forget about some celebrities who are getting a lot of hatred. Sometimes celebrities ignore it while other times they cannot help but give her a very hard reply on them. Among them is the rapper Cardi B.

It was recently when a lot of people started trolling Cardi B for no reason. And it was not just her but also her daughter who was getting trolled on social media, especially on Twitter. So in reply to all these things, the rapper came in front and slammed everyone who has trolled her and her daughter badly.

It happened when the rapper Cardi B was checking the Instagram handle of her daughter Kulture. When She checked her Instagram account of her Daughter then she was not happy at all.

Cardi B

She became quite shocked and blasted her feeling on Twitter. It has happened when someone has commented on one of the pictures of a daughter’s account which was managed by Cardi B and her team.

The comment says that the child was the mistake and she had a big head. When one of the fans of The Rapper pointed out all these things on Twitter then she could not help but decided to shut down the account.

Cardi B said that she was not able to check the account of her daughter but for now she is going to shut the account of her daughter. At the same time, she said that she was not aware of what the thing which was going on on social media. She hopes that all the moms of these kids who were abused and hated should die because they have given birth to them.

It was written in the words of the singer herself as she has said: “don’t know wtf is going on but I hope y’all moms die for giving birth to you hoe ass weirdos”.

It was not the first time when Cardi B has shut everyone or every hater with her bold tweet. She is very much preserved and at the same time loving towards her children and their privacy. And that is the reason why she never wants anyone to interfere in her and her children’s life.

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