Grammys 2022- Unseen Photos: Click To Know Every Detail

Grammys 2022 Update: Apart from the red carpet and winning moment of any award function, we look for the inside photos. Photos of any award function tell a lot of stories. If we talk about award functions then inside photos reveal the connections between our celebrities.

There were a lot of award functions that were held recently and among them were the Oscars and Grammys. If we talk of Grammys then some photos have made us wonder whether it is real or not. We have spotted some celebrities and some conversation that was not expected.

The Grammy Awards 2022 was held on April 3rd and the day was Sunday. It was Las Vegas who has hosted it in MGM Grand Garden Arena. There were a lot of moments that made us feel amazing. Some of those moments were captured in photos and now it is all over social media.

We know that if any award function happens then photographers roam around celebrities. And the same happened with Grammys 2022 where we have spotted celebrities like Lady Gaga and Olivia with BTS.

Grammys 2022- Unseen Photos:

Grammys 2022

In one of the inside photos, we have spotted members of BTS with Megan Thee Stallion. We have also spotted one of the BTS members, that is V with Lady Gaga. He was talking to Lady Gaga and was having some special moments with her. They both were looking very comfortable with each other.

In one of the pictures, we have spotted Billie Ellish having a fun time with other celebrities. In one of the pictures, we have also spotted Hailey Baldwin talking to the other members at the award function.

We have also spotted Halsey who was wearing a Maroon dress and a beautiful cap. She was nailing this look with her red lipstick and giving us a vampire feel. In some other pictures, we have also seen Olivia who was giving the best of her looks.

We have seen winners and among them most highlighted one was Olivia Rodrigo. She has won the Best Pop Solo Performance for her song called Driver’s Licence. She also won the Best New Artist and the Best Pop Album. We saw her performing on the stage Grammy. If we talk of performance then one of the best performances was of BTS who performed their song Butter.

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