Tall Girl 2: Age and Real Life Partners

Sequel of the 2019 film by Emily Ting ‘Tall Girl’, ‘Tall Girl 2’ brings back our beloved tallest girl in school Jodi Kreyman. In the first film, we were introduced to Jodi in her high school with her older sister Herper, her friend Jack Dunkleman, and her multiple bullies.

Jodi has been bullied and been insecure throughout her life because of his height. High school is no exception for her. But as the plot progresses, we see Jodi fighting against all these and at the end of the movie gaining confidence and making Jack her boyfriend.

The sequel ‘Tall Girl 2’ was released on February 11, 2022, on Netflix. It brings a now confident Jodi on screen. But her miscommunications sometimes cause rifts with her closed ones. Jodi now really has to stand tall.

All the main cast of ‘Tall Girl’ return in the sequel with some new cast members. Following is the list of cast members as we will talk about their age and life partners.

‘Tall Girl 2’ Cast:

Ava Michelle (Jodi Kreyman):

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Ava Michelle has become a wide face for her titular character in ‘Tall Girl’. And now in the sequel, she expectedly renewed her role as Jodi Kreyman, the tall girl. Though ‘Tall Girl’ is not the only significant aspect of her career.

Ava is a very talented and renowned dancer along with being a singer and a model. Her dancing career includes participation in series like ‘So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation and ‘Dance Moms’.

Ava is now a nineteen years old American actress. Her current boyfriend is Bryan Pearn who is also a model. We saw Bryan joining Ava on the red carpet before.

Griffin Gluck (Jake Dunkleman)-

Tall Girl 2019

The 2019 film left us after Jodi and Jake finally became a couple. Jake has been Jodi and her sister Herper’s long-time friend and approached the latter a number of times for a date. But Helper turned him down primarily because of his short height.

After Jake kisses Jodi using his milk carton at the end of ‘Tall Girl’, he returns to ‘Tall Girl 2’ to explore his new romantic relationship with Jodi.

Griffin is a twenty-one years old American actor who has acted in a number of movies and series. But his role in Netflix’s ‘Locke & Key‘ is most significant among them.

And though in ‘Tall Girl’ Harper does not want to date Luke, in reality, Griffin and Sabrina (playing the role of Harper) have been dating since October 2019 since they met on the set of ‘Tall Girl’. They were even spotted together at the after-party of the Golden Globes.

Sabrina Carpenter (Harper Kreyman)-


Harper Kreyman is the older sister of Jodi, the tall girl who is a popular girl with various wins in Beauty Pageants in her bag. Harper turned down Luke, Jodi’s future boyfriend a number of times mainly because of his short height.

Though Jodi’s struggle in the Tall Girl franchise is the main focus, Harper is also struggling to make people see the whole of her and not only her fancy clothes and shiny hair.

Sabrina Carpenter is a popular name in the world of American pop music. But she has an impressive acting career too, most notably in the 2020 film ‘Clouds’. Sabrina is currently dating her co-actor in ‘Tall Girl’ and ‘Tall Girl 2’ Griffin Gluck.

Luke Eisner (Stig Mohlin)-

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Luke Eisner is a menswear model who debuted in his role ad Stig Mohlin in ‘Tall Girl’. Stig is a Swedish exchange student who comes to the school and grows a liking and admiration for Jodi, thus becoming Jake’s rival in love. At the end of the first movie, Stig was announced as the Homecoming King of the school.

Luke reprises the role of Stig in ‘Tall Girl 2’ too. The twenty-five years old high fashion model has worked with brands like H&M, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, etc. in their international campaigning.

Luke’s girlfriend is the actress and model Kirby Johnson. Kirby is a popular contortionist who is best known for her titular tole in the 2018 film ‘The Possession of Hannah Grace. The couple had been together since 2018.

The supporting cast members of ‘Tall Girl 2’ are the following:

The role of Tommy Torres, a mysterious troublemaker student, is played by twenty-six years old Jan Luis Castellanos.

Jodi’s best friend Fareeda is played by Anjelika Washington, the twenty-three years old actress who have been playing in ‘Young Sheldon’, ‘Shameless’, and ‘Stargirl’.

Steve Zahn and Angela Kinsey portray the parts of the father and mother of Jodi and Harper. Steve is fifty-four years old and married to Robyn Peterman since 1994. And Angela is fifty years old and is now married to Joshua Snyder since 2016.

The two primary bullies of Jodi- Schnipper, and Stitcher are played by respectively Rico Paris and Clara Wilsey. Johanna Liauw joins the cast members in the sequel playing Stella, a tall Swedish girl in whom many boys become interested.

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