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Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds on his birthday!!

Hugh Jackman
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Hugh Jackman Updates: Who doesn’t has known the bonding between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. They aren’t the best friend and they aren’t an enemy of each other. There should be a suitable term for their bonding “Frenemy”. On 23rd October it was the birthday of Deadpool’s actor Ryan Reynolds and he got millions of wishes but the most hilarious one was from his frenemy “Hugh Jackman”.

We can’t say it was a birthday wish it was more like a roast and diss for Ryan Reynolds. Some people think that something is going between them but it isn’t serious between them. It is like their daily routine or a daily dose of entertainment.

The video included 15-16 crew members in which they are wishing “Happy Birthday Ryan” and in last it was Hugh Jackman wishing him like “It’s not easy. Happy Birthday, Ryan. There you go, we got it. How many people did we get?

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman

They are showing each other as frenemies on Social Media but in real life, they hang out with each other and go on a family dinner together. In real they are and will always be good friends. We can say this is the way best friends with each other birthday.

Recently they both posted a photo in which they were enjoying in which we can see the wife of both actors Ryan’s wife Blake and Hugh’s wife Deborra Lee Furness with direct Shawn Levy and Serena Levy.

They both were together in the film X-men Origins in which we got a cameo of Rayn’s Deadpool. But Ryan with his labor successfully under Fox Studios got a stand-alone movie of his character Deadpool in which he slays his performance.

He had been working on Project Deadpool for 12 years and he got his wishes to come true in 2016. But now Fox merged with Disney so we are gonna see Deadpool in Marvel Movies also.

And also they are planning to introduce mutants in MCU so we might get to see Hugh Jackman too. Then we can see both of the frenemies together in a single movie.