Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds After He Announces Major Career Decision

Blake Lively Updates: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds got encapsulated on a playful online banter after the announcement of the Deadpool actor, announcing that he would take a break from acting for some time.

Ryan Reynolds wrapped up filming his latest film, ‘ Spirited;’, and said that he would be taking a break for some time, and no sooner than he did announce this news Lively couldn’t help but put up with trolls.

Ryan Reynolds made declared him taking a break with photos of himself along with his co-star Will Ferrell tagging along with other cast and crew members of the film, which is a musical set all set to be ventured by the year 2022.

Reynolds reflected back on the time he duly spent on the movie, ” The Free Guy” and he revealed that he wasn’t sure about saying yes to a film this challenging even if had been the time span of three years then; but then he worked with his co-star and together they had been singing, dancing and playing in the sandbox which made a lot of dreams come true. He also went on to speak on how the time frame for the shooting of this film seemed like a little recess time.

What Blake Lively  Says About Ryan Reynolds?

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As soon as he posted about him taking a break, the post started drawing a lot of attention with comments even from his fellow co-stars, who also applauded him for taking a decision to take some time off from acting; some of his fellow stars included his Spirited co-star Octavia Spencer but it was the comment from Blake Lively which drew a lot of attention.

Jumping into the comments section of the post, the actress mocked that Michael Caine was the first one to pull up such an act which was meant for a reference to the rumor that Caine was retiring from acting.

The rumor came to light after the 88-year-old actor in an interview on the BBC Radio show was asked  if his recent film entitled, “Best Sellers” would be his last work with which Caine responded saying: “I think it would be, yeah.”

Caine has since then disproved reports of his retirement, taking to social media and writing on Twitter, “I haven’t retired and not a lot of people know that.”

Blake Lively’s hysterical witticism marked just the recent example of the couples’ expertise in the trolling business.
Lively and Reynolds have been alternating online for years now, bonding their place as one of the most beloved couples on social media.

As reported by Reynolds, his and Lively’s playful fun banter is a sign of what is called a “healthy relationship.”

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