Beyonce Was Seen With Her Husband Jay-Z in Deck of a Boat

Beyonce Updates: Beyonce is the most iconic and stylish singer in a set of shots that were shared on her Instagram account on Wednesday. This 40-year-old singer was seen showing off her flawless taste of dress while spending his time on the deck of a boat with smoking snaps.

The Grammy-winning hitmaker was also caught in pictures spending quality time with her husband Jay-Z in few photos in which one of them showed them riding in the backseat of a private car.

The Love On Top singer’s sleeves were clearly puffed out and featured numbers threads of white fabric coming out in every direction.

She pairs her top with a matching set of sunglasses which was placed just below her eyes during the shoot. She also tucked her top into pair of form-hugging and dark jeans that show bell-bottoms that covered her feet.

Beyonce With Jay-Z


Beyonce’s beautiful light brown hair covered most of his left chest while she was spending the most time with her husband. Her bright red lipstick added elegance to her beauty along with her flat-toned outfit.

The singer showed off her not-so-serious side while she carried a small purse in the shape of a martini glass. She also wore a pair of earrings that were covered by her erupted hair during the photo shoot.

Jay-Z wore a vibrantly patterned button-up short-sleeve shirt while he spent his time with his wife. He also wore a pair of cuffed pants that were slightly darker than the dominant side of his top. He also added the solution of brightness to his clothing with a pair of white sneakers and a light blue watch.

The couples were spotted enjoying their quality time in the backseat of their private vehicle and Beyonce was seen holding a pair of heeled shoes.

They started dating after their collaboration in 2002 track ’03 Bonnie & Clyde and they also tried to hide their relationship from the public so far. These two tied their knot in 2008 in a ceremony that happened without public knowledge.

Beyonce revealed that she was pregnant during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and the couple welcomed their first daughter, Blue Ivy in 2012. And after five years they added the twins Rumi and Sir to their family in 2017.

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