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Hailie Jade looks exactly like her dad in her recent Instagram post

Hailie Jade
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Hailie Jade Updates: Hailie Jade revealed her makeup-free look in her recent Instagram post. Many fans were really shocked after seeing the post as she looked exactly like her dad, Eminem.

It is common that the child of parents has some similarities in the body appearance. Hailie Jade who is 25 looks just like her dad, Eminem who is 48. She re-created the look of her dad. Poster of video of her on her Instagram, in the beginning, she can be seen completely without any makeup and her hairs are tied up in a bun due to which her face appears clearly.

The end of the video shows a face with full bold makeup and a bold look. Yet, in the ending, she was still looking just like him. Fall was so curious to let her know about how much she resembled her dad. Although, she was aware of it fans just can’t stop showing their love to her.

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Hailie Jade
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One person wrote, “Mini Em, it’s so crazy.” Meanwhile, someone else commented, “All I see is me with makeup. Unfortunately, I can’t unsee it. Lol.” Other comments from fans who were mindblown included, “you look like your father so much without makeup,” “Wowww you look like your father,” and even, “It’s like I’m looking at a young blond shady.”

No matter what all people say one thing is for sure that whether she wears makeup or not she will always make people fall for her. One fact no one can deny is that She resembles her dad more when she is without makeup.

The other day she posted a mirror selfie rocking a plaid bucket hat with a sleeveless white knit vest and high-waisted jeans. Her makeup was done naturally and her complexion looked flawless as she added a glossy orange lip and strong brows. She captioned the photo, “hey!! look at this cute hat!!!”