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Black Widow: David Harbour on Red Guardian’s Tattoos

David Harbour

David Harbour Updates: The Black Widow is full of surprises and hearts, from the great energy of sister Florence Pu to the exciting mind control of Rachel Weisz. However, the next star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be David Port, who plays Alexey Shostakov, also known as the Red Guardian.

In the first few seconds on the screen, Alexey turned the car around, flew on the plane, took off, always passing his fake girls Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Elena Bay Lova (Pugh). A very crazy part of this current man’s curve. Years later, he was surprised again.

He looked like a pure super soldier and was locked in a tattered prison. Only the vague tattoos showed his long-term love for Harbor (with a beautiful beard). There was a picture on the screen that he was over Tyrant. David Harbour strength and sense of security convinced him that he had given up his good time on earth, which made it almost impossible for him to imagine his father’s flawed and destructive disappointment.

Assortment explores the complexity of playing the Red Guardian in Harbor and whether his role will return.

Wonder is famous for its unusual preparation scenes. Its adaptation to it is different from what we have seen before. What did you and [Director] Keith Sortland see at that critical moment?

What David Harbour Shared?

 David Harbour

The content is very interesting. I think this is also a tribute to the Superman agent team-that man, obviously on the mountain. I don’t think it is in the finished product, but we need about five hours [shoot this scene]. This is a big problem, different moments… [Sortland] Shooting a lot of things around me, about Rachel’s personality, about our communication… These will not appear in the movie. However, I have to say that there were unusual minutes for this particular scene, and we really came up with something.

When we were shooting this, I went to look in the mirror at some point, and even some things in the trailer I thought did not appear in the [final] version, I just bent down and looked at myself and the person. On the other hand, He saw himself getting old and challenged it.

Then he put on the blindfold, unable to face it, really unable to see it. There is a complete circle segment. The moment one of us looks in the mirror, there is a very special feeling of home-look at yourself, look at what you look like, and then look at yourself, at that moment.

I think it’s great that Kate is not afraid of these ideas. I like the real body, and I like the body that can’t fit in my pants. Under it is written “Melena”. This may be my number one because I like Rachel Weisz.

How did you get close to figuring out who Alexei is and discovering this person?

Start with the content, usually the notes that are logically contradictory to him. I really made a choice not to avoid these logical inconsistencies. I found that people are full of logical inconsistencies and accept different parts under different circumstances. Talking to your father is different from talking to your partner, important other people, or children. These logical inconsistencies shocked him.

From the beginning of the movie, he determined that it is difficult for a group of people to survive. I think you have to move on in the movie so that people will join you when you achieve something very exciting.

I thought at first that he was actually a Soviet because he grew up in the Soviet Union, not