Lucifer Season 6: We Won’t See Lucifer After Season 6

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: Lucifer, the hit Netflix show that brought Welsh actor Tom Ellis an immense amount of fame, might actually be the actor’s last acting project as he thinks of following his different passions.

Lucifer has broken the record of all the series on Netflix for five years straight. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Lucifer was among the most-watched shows in all streaming services. Tom Ellis who plays the titular role in the series, owes all his popularity and fame to the show.

However, the series is coming to a close with its sixth season. Season 6 is currently in post-production and the actors said goodbye to their characters and peers on the set. Fans are eagerly waiting for the final season which is due to be released next month.

In October 2020, Tom Ellis revealed in an interview with Kings of Con: The Podcast, that the show was a huge emotional journey for him and he does not want to continue with the show past season 6. However, it has been confirmed that the series would end with season 6. There are sure to be adaptations of the show but to the disappointment of fans, Tom Ellis would not be a part of them.

Lucifer Season 6: What Tom Ellis Shared?

Lucifer Season 6
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The show brought Ellis fame and millions of followers. As it happens with public figures, the international fame uncovered aspects of Ellis’s private life, such as his passion for music.

The actor has been seen singing from time to time and it is also a well-known fact that he was a part of a band in the past, and is very skillful with a guitar. It turns out that his musical talent is not limited to that. The actor is also skilled in playing a very demanding instrument: the French Horn.

Playing the French Horn is another of his passions that he had to put on hold to pursue a career in acting. You can hear his masterful skills at a French Horn, in one of the episodes of Lucifer.

He is seen playing a happy melody on an instrument that is not known to be easy at all. Could it be possible that with Lucifer coming to an end, Tom Ellis is considering quitting his acting career and going back to pursue his passion for music?

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