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Harley Quinn & Deadshot’s DCEU Romance Would’ve Been Better Than The Joker

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Updates: For the DC Extended Universe, Harley Quinn and Deadshot romance in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad would have been bigger than the Joker. Harley and Joker once had a long-running relationship, which spilled over into the 2016 Suicide Squad.

However, a recently released photo from the Ayer version of the film reveals that Harley and Deadshot were supposed to be in love.

Last year, Ayer confirmed that Harley and D Deadshot were really in love with the film, but it was reversed during the re-enactment of the film. In a photo from the scene, Harley is shown kissing Deadshot, her arms around her neck with a loving kiss.

However, what fans finally saw in the Suicide Squad play was the love affair of Harley and Joker, with Clown Prince of Crime ending him at the end of the movie.

Harley Quinn & Deadshot

Harley Quinn
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Will Smith and Margot Robbie have a lot of chemicals together, as evidenced by their 2015 film Focus. The love affair between them would make sense considering how often they worked together in this film. By having Deadshot, he probably realized he deserved better, which led him to leave the Joker.

Because it was the context, and the best known, the characters who plotted, focused on the relationship, no matter how long it lasted, would give the film a great boost.

The Suicide Squad did not do a good job of exposing Harley’s relationship with Joker, which underscores their toxicity with the popular rose color that was not healthy.

If Deadshot had been included in that mix, the differences between these relationships would have been obvious. Harley would have had more agency if he had been in a relationship with Deadshot; he was the first to kiss his Task Force X colleague, approaching him with a smile before entering.

Harley’s legends have been putting the Joker in some way, but the Suicide Squad may have started a rope that didn’t need to rely on him before the Plunder Birds took the rope and officially broke it on the screen. This romantic subplot may at least have developed both Harley and Deadshot in a novel way, while it also has a bigger problem than Harley and Joker. The possibility of Deadshot dating Harley Quinn, if not, is a strong reason to release Ayer Cut Suicide Squad.

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