Hawkeye Fan Creates Perfect Teaser Poster With Lucky the Pizza Dog

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Hawkeye Updates: The first trailer of Marvel’s Hawkeye is going to be released soon enough. In the earlier weeks of August 2021, a still of the Hawkeye series was released showing Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop chatting and which appeared to be a storage room of sorts.

It was unveiled by Marvel Studios that the Hawkeye series will debut starting from 24th November on Disney+. At this time, the fans can speculate on the possible theories of what can happen and what can’t about the street-level series. With the wait continuing for a few months, a fan on Reddit with a user id of u/TheDocOfWho made an ideal poster teaser on a Sunday morning.

u/TheDocOfWho using minimalistic methods created a poster teaser for the Hawkeye series. In the poster, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are seen to be going away from the viewer’s perspective with Lucky the Pizza Dog standing tall in the foreground.

The user and fan used purple as it’s both the character’s iconic color. The teaser made by the fan gives vibes from the acclaimed comic series of David Aja’s and Matt Fraction.

At first, Hawkeye was getting developed as a feature film by Marvel. But later on, it was written as a six-episode mini-series on Disney+.

Hawkeye Trailer


Hawkeye Producer Trinh Tran told in an interview that the series is being treated as a feature film by them because of the production value used for these Disney+ series.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s mindset is that the quality and feel of those Tv series should be like the Marvel movies which the fans have experienced so far. It’s also to make the fans feel that they are watching a movie but with the movie being much longer compared to the two-and-a-half-hour usual time.

Certain characters are getting their own series with an idea behind it which is to have more time to show the character developments with intricate details instead of showing it in a shorter time and rushing through it.

The character of Hawkeye debuts on 24th November on Disney+. According to the fans, what other characters would you all like to see in the live-action movies, or which characters would you want Marvel to explore more? Which characters do you expect to make an entrance in the Hawkeye series? And who’ll be against Hawkeye in the series?