Red Dead Redemption 2 Timelapse Has Arthur Walk The Map With A Stew Bowl

Red Dead Redemption 2 Updates: A fan of Red Dead Redemption 2 recently posted a timelapse video showing the success of Arthur Morgan, a game rival, circling the map while holding a bowl of stew. Compared to the characters in the game with guns, this work may seem insignificant, but the flowers and animals of RDR2 are just as dangerous as their criminals.
Fans of the Rockstar series are not concerned about spending hours on projects or challenges that honor its games. The fan recently developed and submitted a five-part original documentary Red Dead Redemption 2 in the style of David Attenborough. Rockstar even promoted the document on social media as it had a lot of detail.
However, these products made by fans are not limited to the digital space. One fan of Red Dead Redemption 2 made a real photo of Morgan’s leather notebook in May, complete with 500 printed pages of his writings and other details.
The Reddit user took 11 hours to navigate across the the game open-world map with a bowl of stew. The video shows Morgan walking on ice and walking up and down highways. After traveling through arid regions, plains, wetlands and the city, Morgan of GAME-LAPSE finally stops to go and eat his stew.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Timelapse

The last successful attempt took two hours and 14 minutes, according to GAME-LAPSE. It was the only effort that the game’s equipment could not prevent such as animal attacks or falls. Morgan always “drops his bowl of stew when I try to carry it for too long,” according to another Reddit user experience.
GAME-LAPSE seems to be very familiar with this aspect of the game, saying that Morgan will keep a bowl of stew while defending certain regions on the map. Finally, GAME-LAPSE reported that the task took about 13 hours to complete.
The open-world environment in the game is one of the game’s biggest charms, and as the success of GAME-stew LAPSE shows, the game’s activities seem endless.
Challenges such as these are a tribute to the continued popularity of the game, even if it has been three years in the making. It’s fun to think that players who have finished the game stage and visited every place or place in this area can come up with new things they do when they think outside the box.

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