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Dwayne Johnson Designed A Super Cool Jungle Cruise Mickey Ears Hat

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Updates: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson celebrated the release of his movie Jungle Cruise by designing a special super cool Mickey Mouse hat inspired by the film.

Dwayne Johnson’s next film Jungle Cruise is set to release on July 30. To celebrate the release of the movie, Johnson designed a Mickey Mouse hat for Disney World inspired by the movie. Getting hands on one of these special hats will, however, prove to be a difficult feat.

The Rock’s absence from the last Fast and Furious movie indicates that he is taking a break from the franchise. Meanwhile, Johnson is all set to debut in the DCEU in the role of anti-hero Black Adam. After facing a delay because of the coronavirus pandemic, Jungle Cruise is finally releasing this Friday on theatres and Disney+ via Premiere Access.

Jungle Cruise is inspired by the Disney World ride of the same name. It stars Johnson as riverboat captain Frank Wolff, who happens to be a con man. Wolff gets tangled in a mission headed by Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt).

Houghton’s mission is to find a tree with unparalleled healing abilities and she seeks Frank’s help to guide her through the Amazon. The film promises a wild adventure with plenty of thrills. The cast of Jungle Cruise includes Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons, Edgar Ramirez, and Paul Giamatti.

Dwayne Johnson: Mickey Ears Hat

Dwayne Johnson

To celebrate the release of Jungle Cruise, Johnson designed a special pair of Mickey Mouse ears inspired by the movie. The special cap resembles that of Frank Wolff’s from the movie and has the added element of the familiar pair of circular ears on top. Having been launched just this week, the hats were sold out quickly on the shopDisney website. 

The fact that the hats sold out even before Jungle Cruise was released indicates the impending success that the film will see. The popularity of the hats could also be because Johnson himself designed it and it was too good a prospect to pass up. If Jungle Cruise does end up being a massive success, the special hats will probably be available again online and in Disney World.

Jungle Cruise itself is born from the famous Disney ride and therefore, it is not surprising that Jungle Cruise received its own Mickey Ears. The ride was revamped recently and it would only be fitting if they were to update it in honor of the upcoming movie, perhaps enlist a Frank Wolff to lead the cruise down the river.