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John Cena to open Raw after stunning WWE Money in the Bank return

John Cena

John Cena Updates: WWE Money In The Bank: John Cena’s ‘genuine discourse’ after MITB went off the air. After MITB went behind closed doors John Cena gave a genuine discourse to those in the group.

The arrival of the extraordinary legend

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Moments after Seth Rollins guaranteed that Universal Champion Roman Reigns conquered Edge, John Cena got back to stand head to head with The Head of the Table.

John Cena will likewise open Raw after his staggering WWE Money in the Bank return.

The 16-time World Champion’s stunning reappearance at WWE Money in the Bank sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe, and Cena will start off Monday Night Raw to clarify why he picked now to return.

The extraordinary game is back

John Cena

The WWE Universe emitted at seeing Cena, who took the second from successful Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He likewise tended to the WWE Universe after MITB went behind closed doors.

Furthermore, Nikki A.S.H. what’s more, Big E arose successfully in their individual Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley ruled Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair ruled over Rhea Ripley to recover the Raw Women’s Championship, The Usos won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in a Kickoff slugfest against The Mysterios and then some.

Bobby Lashley is the best

Bobby Lashley (c) crushed Kofi Kingston to hold the WWE Championship. It was unadulterated predominance by Lashley as he totally annihilated Kofi down the middle. He resembled an outright beast against Kofi who scarcely got any offense against Lashley. Lashley versus Kofi Kingston achieved its objective of putting over Lashley, however, I wish they gave Kofi slightly more.

The group reciting “once again” after Bobby conveyed two crushing Dominators to Kofi. Lashley expected to do that to acquire those responses. That strength makes him look great going ahead in the live group time.