Xbox Series S is on sale at Amazon India, stocks vanish on Flipkart

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S Updates: The Xbox Series S has not been so successful, because the flagship Xbox Series X console is healthier than the latest generation of consoles and no less than the overall efficiency.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a reasonably priced additional Xbox in the past 12 months to get the style of the Xbox Game Pass service, you are in luck. Amazon India is promoting the Xbox console with its signature style. The price is ₹ 34,990. The X series is not available at the time of writing.

At the same time, Xbox is available on Amazon, and other sellers are out of stock. Although Flipkart has some lists of S series consoles, at the time of writing, these stocks no longer exist.

Croma, Reliance Digital, and GamesTheStore do not have a list of S series consoles. However, GamesTheStore has pre-ordered the X series on its website for several weeks.

Xbox Series S Console is on Sale Again

The Xbox Series S is the cheapest of the two current-generation Xbox consoles that you should buy right now. It costs ₹ 34,990 and is definitely probably the cheapest console you should buy.

Xbox Series S

With its low value, however, it also comes with compromises: the S-series console is not as successful as the X-series, in contrast to the X-series, the S-series can only play video games with a resolution of 2K. Plus, you only get 512GB of storage, of which only 364 GB are offered.

However, the S-Series has all of the next-generation options like a quick resume, faster loading instances, support for ray tracing and Dolby Vision, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service. The console also comes with the newer era Xbox controller with a dedicated release button.

On the other hand, Sony can be placing up pre-order for the PlayStation 5 in India on May 27th. PS5 users can pre-order the PlayStation 5 disc model at 12 noon on the Sony Center website, May 27th. This explicit PS5 model costs ₹ 49,990. Sony is about to announce the sale of the cheapest digital version of the PlayStation 5, which costs ₹ 39,990.

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