Money Heist Season 5: Alvaro Morte sends a message full of emotion for the end of the shoot!

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: In the wake of Miguel Herran who bade farewell to the emblematic character of Rio, Alvaro Morte in turn spoke after the end of the filming of La Casa de Papel Season 5 or Money Heist Season 5. Propelled to the rank of a star thanks to his role in the series, the Spanish actor confided in this wonderful adventure. He filmed himself in a car leaving the location of the filming. This departure obviously moved him a lot, because he had trouble holding back his tears. There is no doubt that he is used to this extraordinary experience and the fact of putting an end to it touches him greatly.

Money Heist Season 5: Alvaro Morte’s moving farewell message to his character

It is a difficult page which turns for the actor. Despite everything, he wanted to thank his colleagues and the fans. Although the words are unnecessary as he mentioned, he showed his gratitude. “To the fans (the first ones, of course), to the whole team at @vancouvermediaproducciones and @netflixes @netflix,” he wrote. As for the emblematic character of La Casa de Papel, Alvaro Morte confided: “And to you, my dear Professor. I will miss having such a good time with you. THANK YOU “.

For now, the mystery remains on the future of the thinking head of the robbers in La Casa de Papel Season 5 or Money Heist Season 5. What is certain is that the Professor will have his work cut out for him. He will probably have to show the full extent of his talent to get out of the complicated situation he finds himself in. It remains to be seen if Sergio will manage to save his team, still stuck at the Bank of Spain. Roll on the release of this final series of episodes!

Money Heist: Will the Professor die in Season  5?

According to a rumor, which is currently growing, the Professor will die in the final season of La Casa de Papel. In this regard, Alvaro Morte made some confidences. The Spanish actor has thus revealed that he does not know any more than the scripts that Alex Pina gave him. “(…) There are even rumors that I would be killed. I hope not, because I love the character, ” he added.

Alex Pina is therefore the only one to know the fate of the Professor. However, the creator promises a final season rich in emotions and twists. This is a commitment that Alvaro Morte confirmed at the microphone of La Vanguardia. “The end of La Casa de Papel will not let the spectator breathe,” he revealed. Despite the fifth series of episodes that promises to be hectic and explosive, fans hope that the hero is alive until the end of the series. Nothing is certain, but in any case, the thinking head of the group was in a very bad position at the end of the fourth part.

As a reminder, Alicia, the inspector on the run discovered his hideout in the last seconds of episode 8. The Professor will have to extricate himself from this situation. He will also have his work cut out for him to carry out his escape plan for the robbers. Indeed, Lisbon & co are still at the Bank of Spain. It remains to be seen whether the group leader will breathe her last breath at the end of this final season of La Casa de Papel.

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