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Cyberpunk 2077 & The Witcher 3 Upgrades Coming In Second Half Of 2021

The Witcher 4

Cyberpunk 2077 & The Witcher 3 Updates: Even after half a decade, THE WITCHER 3 seems to attract the audience. Now it can be said that the game is still attracting the audience. Just like the previous hit, even the year 2020 was an absolute second-best year for them.

THE WITCHER also took away the insane title of selling more than 30 million units. Also, according to the report of CD Projekt Red’s fiscal year 2020 earnings, THE WITCHER seems to have had the best year in 2020.

In the previous year, that is 2019, the studio disclosed that the sales number has crossed 28 million by the end of 2019.

THE WITCHER 3 WILD HUNT is an action game made by Polish developer CD Projekt Red. The game is based on a novel written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

In 2019, Netflix released THE WITCHER series and some say that this has played an important role in boosting the sales of the video game.

According to the NPD Group, THE WITCHER’S 3 sales increased drastically, around 554 percent year after year. It is no wonder that Geralt of Riveria has impacted the game throughout the year 2020.

All About Cyberpunk 2077 & The Witcher 3

The Witcher 4

According to Daniel Ahmad, since the launch of THE WITCHER in 2015 up until 2020, the sales of THE WITCHER in 2020 have been the second-highest in the past five years. Even after 5 years, the game still holds up to the expectations of the people.

According to CD Projekt Red, since the debut of the series in the year 2007, the game has moved a cumulative of 50 million units out of which 30 million units sales worldwide is accountable to THE WITCHER’S 3 alone.

There is a probable release of THE WITCHER:- MONSTER SLAYER, a mobile AR game developed by CD Projekt Red subsidiary Spokko Games.

Also, Netflix plans to release THE WITCHER’S SEASON 2 somewhere around the second half of the year 2021.
So it seems like THE WITCHER has a whole big year ahead of it and what is visible through the reviews and the sales, it seems that people will be eagerly waiting for the game as well as the series to be released.

Also, CD Projekt Red confirmed that the upgrades are scheduled to be launched in the second half of the year 2021. THE WITCHER has set an example of being one of the best RPG.

Be it a person who has been playing the game forever or be it a person who is about to play it for the very first time, this game seems to engage its players and provide lots of entertainment.