Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds Cost CD Projekt Over $2 Million

Cyberpunk 2077 Updates: Refunds of Cyber Punk have cost its developer and publisher over $2 million. Cyber Punk 2077, which was launched last year, in the month of December was corrupted with bugs and had disappointed all the players.

The unstoppable backlash against the game had caused the company CD Projekt Red and many of its key retailers to return full payments of the consumers, even if the product was opened and played.

The controversy further continued when Play Station eradicated the game from its digital store. After nearly 100 days, Cyber Punk still had not returned to the digital store of Play Station. It has been a rough time for both the parties, i.e., the team as well as the players. Sadly, some of the fans weren’t willing to wait and declared it as a loss to the future.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cost of CD Projekt

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CD Projekt Red reported that it has lost over $2 million as the result of the decision taken for returning the payments to the fans. That would cover upto 33000 copies sold at the retail price, which is a huge loss since Cyber Punk 2077 had sold a total of 14 million copies in 2020 alone.

But its sales of 2021 has declined as it has fallen to the 18th position in the list of the best selling games within a month of release, possibly because the game was not able to bet purchased at the Play Store.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that its misty if the CD Projekt Red will count any refunds via digital stores like Xbox Store, CD Projekt Red had only had its own individual form players to fill out the refund form directly from the publisher.

CD Projekt Red still is devoted to rectify and improve the game. It is yet to see, whether CD Projekt Red will deliver a redemption arc for Cyber Punk 2077, that will again raise it to its original standard that they had marketed over the past years.

Keeping in mind that almost six months has passed since its release and it still has to clear the mess, before placing it on the Play Station Store again. Anyways, it is still unclear if a lesson was learned or not.



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