Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi FINALLY Stands Up to His Tormentor

Tokyo Revengers Updates: In the second episode of “Tokyo Revengers”, Takemichi finally had the courage to face the king of the underground fighting club, Kiyomasa.

Tokyo Revengers *Spoilers Ahead*

In the first episode of “Tokyo Revengers”, the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki apparently “dead” just to turn back time and save lives. Unexpectedly, the life of Hinata was saved according to the current schedule.

It is not clear how time travel will affect the series, or what kind of impact it will have, but Naoto only needs to focus on one thing: find a way to save Hinata.

It’s incredible that you, after more than 20 years of hard work to get out of trouble, he thinks he has no ability to save anyone. But he didn’t understand that if he could change what happened 12 years ago, he would definitely change.

The Technicalities Of Time Travel

Although Takemichi only missed the time once, Naoto collected enough information to summarize how this form of time travel works in episode 2. For some incomprehensible reasons, the martial arts ability can only be activated by shaking hands.

Naoto believes that whether Takemichi is past or present, Naoto believes that it may be because Takemichi saved his life through time travel.

Naoto also discovered that martial arts could only return on the same day 12 years ago. -This means that if you make a mistake while traveling through time and space, there is no turning back.

This greatly increases the risk of your current situation. For Takemichi, unfortunately, during a trip, he usually jumps off when he gets stuck in the middle of something. When he came back for the second time, he was in the middle.

Takemichi’s Mission

Comic Book

Although Takemichi warned Naoto about the impending death of Hinatas, she eventually passed away. Takemichi had no choice but to stop the two Tokyo Gang leaders Manjiro Sano and Kisaki Tetta.

Naoto conducted an investigation into the gang. After the terrible disappearance of his predecessors, it became clear that the Manji gang in Tokyo was dangerous and cruel. When Kiyomasa’s friend knocked him down, the group was killed.

Takemichi unknowingly asks Kiyomasa if he can introduce him to Manjiro or Kisaki. This is really a wrong question-Kiyomasa is starting to beat him. It’s okay in martial arts. He was badly injured and had to go home.

Challenging Kiyomasa

The 14-year-old Takemichi allowed himself to be beaten and became a slave to Kiyomasa and his thug gang. He didn’t do anything, but chose to escape her, leaving his friends behind, and the 26-year-old Takemichi was no exception.

Once you encounter some kind of adversity, you are more likely to escape. He fell into a tunnel of deep hatred and self-pity, thinking that he was powerless. Fundamentally change your identity. Once he is a coward, he will always be a coward.

However, when Take Takemichi was ready to pack it and return to the present tense, Hina inadvertently prevented him from doing so. Despite the fear, takemichi replaced his friend who Takuya competed with each other for the first time in a secret battle.However, Takemichi did not fight Takuyas’s enemies, but faced his own fears and challenged Kiyomasa himself, the king of the fighting club.

Everything is ready to turn the third episode of “Tokyo Revengers” into real chaos.

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