Fortnite Season 6 Glitch Grants Player Infinite Items & Heals

Fortnite Season 6 Updates: Any player can quickly get unlimited throwable objects and heals, thanks to a newly found game-breaking bug in Fortnite. It could theoretically aid players in surviving the Storm in the season, despite the fact that the Storm was the worst glitch for Fortnite’s console audience last month.

Fortnite players were plagued by a vexing glitch in March that turned the game’s danger zone, the Storm, into a dense purple fog. It was unable to see through, which was very aggravating.

Players were dying in the Storm when they couldn’t leave or fire back at others that weren’t hit by the bug. Fortunately, the problem was not life-threatening, as Epic Games patched it more than a week after it was first posted on the developers’ Trello board. Eventually, that would be the case for this latest error as well.

There’s a new game-breaking endless item bug in Fortnite, as illustrated by OrangeGuy on YouTube, that can cause a lot of trouble and spoil the fun for gamers.

The bug helps players to repeat every throwable item in the battle royale indefinitely, but what’s worst is that exploiting this Fortnite loophole is incredibly simple. Players will be banned for reproducing the bug in public sports, according to OrangeGuy, who demonstrated the same method in a brief video tutorial.

To replicate an object, you’ll need a complete inventory. The player then walks up to the desired object and picks it up while dropping a weapon.

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Several players, including professional esports stars, recently found another game-breaking Fortnite bug. The error, according to several sources, was able to turn players’ screens sideways.

Epic confirmed the strange bug’s presence, narrowing down the cause requirements and pledging a follow-up until further information is gathered. However, there was no news on whether a patch would be posted.

Fortnite’s technological condition is far from flawless right now. Just a pair of game-breaking bugs were found last week. Season 6 seems to have caused a slew of problems, and Epic Games should make fixing them their top priority right now.

Regrettably, the studio’s usual weekly release plan includes critical technological fixes, but players will have to wait on certain updates.


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