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Resident Evil Village Map & Mother Miranda Details Revealed

Resident Evil Village
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Resident Evil Village Updates: A month before its May release, Capcom has been ramping up the hype surrounding Resident Evil Village.

Along with life-size Lady Dimitrescu standees in Hong Kong to market next installment to the Resident Evil franchise, the publisher has also announced an upcoming showcase that will provide a replacement trailer and gameplay footage to pore over. This showcase also will hopefully shed more light on the promised second Resident Evil Village demo.

While the primary demo, Maiden, was more of a visible teaser for the complete game, the subsequent demo will feature gameplay-focused content taken straight from the ultimate version of Resident Evil Village.

Now, Capcom has shared a primary check out the Resident Evil Village’s map and more information on the enigmatic Mother Miranda with IGN.

The map in question shows off four specific areas of the titular village, each with its own emblem, including Castle Dimitrescu. Other notable locales include Heisenberg’s Factory (a hint of which was possibly glimpsed in the recent Resident Evil Showcase announcement) and Moreau’s Reservoir, which is amid a picture of a really foreboding sea beast nearby, possibly further strengthening the game’s Resident Evil 4 connections.

Along with the map, IGN also shares some intel on Resident Evil Village’s Mother Miranda, a personality that up so far was only referred to as the mysterious voice at the top of a phone conversation with Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil Map

Resident Evil Village
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Mother Miranda is shown during a picture as a figure worshipped by the village residents very similar to a deity. Resident Evil VIllage director Morimasa Sato confirmed to IGN that the “mother” prefix is religious in nature, instead of that of a matriarch.

Sato otherwise remained mum as far as more information on Mother Miranda went, rather than telling IGN that “the players should determine themselves by playing the game” while teasing, “Mother Miranda and therefore the inner side of her character are extremely important factors in the game.”

While this is often not much to travel on in terms of Resident Evil Village’s overarching story or exactly what role Mother Miranda will play in it, it’s been confirmed that the mysterious masked figure during a poster exclusive to Japan is indeed Mother Miranda.

Stage director Tomonori Takano says that crows were the “main motive” for her design, which is what her mask depicts. Crows are a “symbol of horror” and function as an overall theme for Resident Evil Village, and Takano stated that his team “implemented an equivalent design theme for Mother Miranda” as she has such a “symbolic role in the village.”

The upcoming Resident Evil showcase will little question offer even more morsels for waiting fans. However, knowing Capcom, it won’t be surprising if Resident Evil Village ultimately raises more questions than it answers when it finally arrives.