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Soul Eater: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Star

Soul Eater

Soul Eater Updates: The much more fascinating of soul Eater’s major characters, so many fans have missed the Black Star’s interesting personality traits and specifics.

Black Star is one of the most fascinating characters, and he is also an interesting character in Soul Eater’s trio. He began as a deeply flawed protagonist who exaggerated his own worth, but he grew into a well-rounded person who would go to any length to support his mates. He still had a simple and established path, despite the fact that he had to conquer multiple challenges.

He is an intriguing character, to say the least, it’s really no wonder that a few details slipped past the viewers’ notice. This is particularly important for anime fans who have only seen the show.

It’s not unusual for a writer to draw on elements of their own personality while developing a character, as Atsushi Okunbo, the writer of Soul Eater, did with Black Star. It makes things simpler for them to immerse themselves in the role of the character and continues to generate aspects of themselves.

Soul Eater: Black Star

Soul Eater

The idea is to stop making the character a personality, or the writer inserting himself or herself into the plot. Luckily, this was not the case with Black Star, as the character brings much-needed humor to the plot.

The show is filled with a message of equal rights, as all of the meisters paired was a tool of the opposite sex. It created a fantastic aspect that helped to make Soul Eater one of the most popular shonen titles of its period, as few shonen featured a female protagonist.

One of the most popular and quite well combinations among the trio is Tsubaki and Black Star. Tsubaki had always been the more level-headed and professional of the two, while Black Star being an assassin was always after the limelight.

It’s difficult to believe that Black Star will match Death The Boy, who becomes a real death god by the end of the season, but he could do more as well.

During the manga, Asura reflected on it, saying that Black Star was a true person deserving of becoming a warrior god, but that Death The Kid’s god form was comparable to Black Star’s.

As previously stated, Black Star is a Warrior God, an honor that isn’t bestowed lightly – particularly not by Asura. Black Star is the epitome of human ability, with power so great that he can still penetrate the Black Blood of Crona with his bare fists. He could also destroy all of the traps of Arachnophobia in a matter of few seconds because he is so fast.

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