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Demon Slayer Movie English Dub Trailer Teases Early 2021 Theatrical Release

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Movie Updates: The trailer for the English dub release of Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train has debuted with Aniplex and Funimation.

The first Demon Slayer film adapts the famous seventh arc from the manga. In the country of Japan, it has seen tremendous success.

In fact, Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train surpassed Spirited Away as Japan’s highest-grossing film, amid the pandemic. Demon Slayer follows a guy called Tanjiro Kamado, who, after most of his family is murdered, learns to become a Demon Slayer.

His niece, Nezuko, has become a demon herself, which in the series is a significant plot point. Last year, the manga concluded, putting the tough fight against Muzan Kibutsuji to an end. While the series has ended, the global success of the franchise is not going anywhere.

In 2019, an anime version was released covering the opening arc before the arrival of Tanjiro on the train. Unsurprisingly, there are also video games for Demon Slayer in development. In addition to a PS4 action game arriving later this year, a smartphone title is being worked on.

About Demon Slayer Movie Dub Trailer:

Demon Slayer

From Aniplex USA, the English dub trailer for Demon Slayer Mugen Train has arrived. Manga fans can understand what is going on, from Kyojuro Rengoku meeting the demonic presence in the train to the battle of Tanjiro with Enmu atop the cars.

It looks like the movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is already being released in theatres. The sub and the dub will also release in early 2021, according to the teaser.

Those worthy of going to theatres to try it out should be in for a treat. There are fantastic action set pieces and a significant dose of emotion in the Mugen Train arc.

The story shows what makes Demon Slayer the famous powerhouse it is, from beginning to end. Fans were actually expecting season 2 of the anime after Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train.

There has been no release date confirmed, but it is only a matter of time. Ahead of the grand final fight, there are still prominent arcs. Demon Slayer would continue to be in the spotlight in pop culture, as everyone will rightfully agree.

The reactions to Demon Slayer Mugen Train as the film hits North American theatres this year would be fascinating to see.


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