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Bruce Willis Responds to Backlash After Refusing to Wear a Mask in Public

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis: After getting negative attention by refusing to put a mask on in a Los Angeles pharmacy spoke Bruce Willis.

After not agreeing to put on a mask, Die Hard star was asked to leave a Rite Aid store, despite wearing a bandana around his neck which could have been pulled up over his mouth as well as nose.

As because of the Covid 19, the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc globally, wearing a mask is the best precaution to reduce this disease. But when Bruce refused to wear a mask at LA pharmacy recently, the management of the stoor shown his door.

Willis has been seen in one of the most successful films in the past thirty years with a memorable role in the Die Hard Franchise, Pulp Fiction, The six sense, and the looper.

Above everything, how beloved the 65 years star may be on the big screen but rumors and accusations of his off-screen behavior are not in short supply.

Movie star’s news with diva-like proclivities is hardly new, and Willis, for his troublesome ways, is considered as the worst offender. Directors from the past few years, Terry Gilliam to Kevin Smith had issues with Bruce on sets, and Smith even said that working with him was soul-crushing.

Bruce Willis shared his Points

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

According to the public, Bruce has spoken on the public’s back for not doing the right thing and putting on the mask, said,’ It was an error in judgment. Be safe out there everyone and wear a mask.’

In the event of a covid pandemic, there had been a wide range of campaign fuelled by celebrities. Some of them helped the public during these challenging times, while others are taking precautions and wear masks.

Not all of these are welcome by the public and some of the earlier attempts at unity such as a cringe-worthy rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ have done more harm than good.

Celebrities have also spoken about the existence of covid and the wearing of masks though this has not gone by the majority of people. Willis remained silent on his part in the entire covid situation.

As the situation demands, apologizing was the best move as some of the people were not ready to watch the movie because of his actions. It’s hard to get the fans back, but it’s the best way to start.