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Monster Garage Reboot delayed has been paused due to coronavirus Pandemic.

Monster Garage Reboot
Monster Garage Reboot

Monster Garage Reboot Updates: The pandemic has put a lot of things on pause and now reality shows Monster Garage has also been put into pause. Jesse James has to wait a little longer to unleash the Monster in his garage. This reality show has been put into the ice because of the pandemic.

In an interview, Jasse James said, “Monster Garage has been put on hold at least until the end of the month. Jesse says they already have an episode in the can, but they are in a holding pattern until the crew of about 30 people is safe to congregate on set.”

Jesse is currently having some fun time at his home in Austin, Taxes until there is a ban on the large gathering of the people brought buy covid pandemic and he cannot break the rule and assemble a crew for the show.

All About Monster Garage Reboot

Monster Garage Reboot
Monster Garage Reboot

Recently TMZ has broken the story, it said that Jasse is returning after the long period of 14 years with his show, he is returning after traveling the world and gaining a lot of experience and skills set in forging and blacksmith work. He is returning with his show on the discovery channel.

Jesse also mentioned that when the restriction of covid will be over and they will get the permission for running the show then he and his crew have built 7 and they are ready to go running the show. He has prepared all of his master’s plans for the show it is only left for the execution of the show.

Monster Garage has announced the return of the show back in February, which was slated to air on discovery channel at some point in 2020.

“Is crazy to think my relationship with discovery channel started exactly 20 years ago” James mentioned in one of his statements. “After all this, I am still excited to step into the Monster Garage. Excited to work hard and push the limit again. showing people what they can do with the teamwork, skills, and refusal to quit.”

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