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Justin Bieber cannot keep enough when Hailey wore a bright Pink Bikini

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber: Deeply in love, with a lot more crush on wife Hailey Baldwin, the singer, Justin Bieber cannot keep calm. The picture, focusing Hailey on a sunny beach, wearing a beautiful bright bikini is worth watching.

Recently, the Canadian singer- Justin Bieber posted a picture of her wife Hailey Baldwin in a bright pink bikini, which is breathtaking. Even after two years of marriage, Justin still has a huge crush on his wife Hailey.

The background looked like a beach with beautiful lounges around, the fresh garden and sun kissed picture looked exceptionally more attractive. Lovingly captured by husband Justin, the picture was posted with a caption as a series of red heart emoji.

What Justin Bieber has to say?

The young model, 24, can be seen wearing a bright pink bikini in which she looks absolutely stunning. The model chooses to have no makeup with a small pair of golden earrings. The messy bun made it more attractive to watch.

Hailey too posted a “deeply in love” photo with her husband Justin Bieber. Justin can be seen wrapping his arms around his wife Hailey while Hailey looks smart in a black bikini with oversized sunglasses.

The two can be seen with many such photos on social media platforms. This suggests how deep love is!

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Followers know how happy the couple is. The couple keeps posting pictures posing with each other which is their way to celebrate love.

On Hailey’s 24th birthday, husband Justin posted a series of pictures on his Instagram account with a lovely caption “my eyes are 4 you. My love is 4 you. My heart is 4 you. My soul is 4 you.”

He added “I am home wherever you are. You are a safe place. I am completely and utterly obsessed with who you are. My biggest dream is growing old with you. I can’t believe you are mine forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY.”

The social media accounts of both are enough to say that the two are made for each other. We hope to see more such pictures of the couple, where they will be seen posing together with the best of best.