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WandaVision will explore Scarlet Witch’s Eastern European Roots


WandaVision Updates: WandaVision is about to search for the Eastern European roots for Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch. Recently, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that Wanda’s vision will explore more about the past of Wanda.

Know About Wanda And Wandavision

Wanda Maximoff has been a very important part of the Marvel series. Wanda is a supporting character in the marvel cinematic universe. She has been into life since the end of phase 2. Though the character has never acted as the lead, things will change soon!

Yes! So, there will be a full focus on Wanda with the upcoming Disney+ network called-WanDaVison’. Wandavision will mainly focus on the backstory of the character.

The launch of the Wandavision will bring up more stories from the history of Wanda aka Scarlett Witch. The new launch will be starring Paul Bettany as Vision in Wandavision. It is supposed to air in 2021.

Marvel Studios And Wandavision

When it comes to revealing a bit of story, marvel studios is guarded well. With the return of Scarlett Witch in ‘Doctor Strange In The Multi-universe Of Madness’, fans are eagerly waiting to see Wanda once more. For the same purpose and keeping in mind the needs of its viewers, Marvel studios will be shedding more light on the history of Wanda and will show from where Scarlett came from.


Recently, in Emmy Magazine, there were some quotes by the star Elizabeth Olsen and the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. She even revealed some important information. Her first meeting with the president made it easy to understand the idea behind Wadndavision.

The magazine quoted “Kevin told me he wanted to merge two different comic series as inspiration. He explained the series would show how Wanda is originally from an eastern European country and grew up on American black-market products like television.”

Know More About Wanda

The famous fictional character of Marvel- Wanda Maximoff was introduced as a native of the Eastern European country of Sokovia. The character starred in Marvels’ Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

The story of Wanda begins with the kidnapping of her and her brother, Pietro Maximoff. Wanda is originally from Serbia. Wandavision will be centered on the same incident as above.

Maybe the show will not throw light on the birth, but will surely find the roots. Wanda is considered to be a mutant and is the daughter of the magneto. Wandavision may focus more on the back life of Wanda.