The Cassian Andor: Renewal Update and Other Details

The Cassian Andor Updates: Disney+ and Lucasfilm are mostly dealing with Star War Series with the collaboration of Disney+. At present, Lucasfilm is busy with the Rouge One: A Star War Story, which is the Cassian Andor sequence.

Diego Luna is all set to feature in this series as a Rebel Spy. The team management decided that The Rogue One will return with some new cast.

Release date and trailer: The Cassian Andor

There isn’t any official news regarding the release of the Cassian Andor. Due to the COVID -19 Pandemic, the series’s production and development have paused though they decided to shoot for the series in London 2020.

Neal Scanlan, a Longtime Star Wars artist, said to FanSided that they started some of the series’s initial work in this Lockdown. So this is the good news for the fans. But the series will take a little more time to premiere. If everything goes right, then the series will air either mid or late 2021 on Disney+.

The series hasn’t been released any official trailer of the series till now. If any news of the series will come, then we will update it. So the fans have to keep patience for the series now.

The Cast 

Image Source: Den of Geek

Well, fans can expect the same casts in the future season also. Diego Luna will return in this season again as Cassian. Along with him, Alan Tudyk plays the role of K-2SO, Cassian’s loyal sidekick, Genevieve O’Reilly plays Rebellion leader Mon Mothama where she wants revenge Sith, Denise Gough plays the role of a new character.

Along with these casts, fans can see Stellan Skarsgard and Kyle Soller, and both of them will play a supporting role in this series. There isn’t any official news about the cast o the series, but Scanlan said that Disney+ has already set the series’s casting plot.

What can be the possible plotline?

As the official site of the series didn’t give any hints regarding the storyline till now. The series is based on a mission where fans can see steal the Death Star plans with the beginning of A New Hope.

The Cassian’s have enough time to discover himself and why he terminated to the Rouge one. As the show follows Rouge One, so it also shows the rule of the Galactic Empire’s power.

Disney+ has already shown so many series which is based on undercover operations. So the fans can see the loss, sacrifice, and Rebellion of him.

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