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Killing Stalking: Detailed Summer know whether Bum is alive.

Killing Stalking
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Killing Stalking Updates: Although ‘Killing Stalking’ is marketed as a young boy’s love manhwa. But originally it’s more about the psychological explorations of two intensively disturbed characters. They just get involved in a romantic relationship.

This can be considered as semi anime adaptation that is strongly not recommended for the weak-hearted audience. Killing Stalking is just full of immoral wrong sexual scenes and portrays the brutal acts of abuse between the couple.

But then also, the way it explores the inside working of its characters is just quite impressive and a work of appreciation. So if you have a strong heart and not triggers too quickly then must check this out. Here we are bringing the overall plot summary and some ending explanations.

Know the summarised plot of Killing Stalking : 

The plot or storyline of Killing Stalking follows Yoon Bum who is a young man suffering from mental stress. He is just intensively stressed because of his issues from his troubled past. When Bum joins the military, that time a fellow officer just tries to sexually assault him.

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Killing Stalking

Then marks the debut of Oh Sangwoo, who saves him. Even without knowing who the man is, Bum becomes obsessed with the one who saved his life. Bum even starts stalking him and once becomes jealous when finds him with a lady. The obsession leads Bum to break into his house.

On heading towards the house basement, finds out and injured and tied up woman. This made Bum discover that Sangwoo is a psychopathic serial killer.

But before Bum did anything or even responds Sangwoo creeps behind him and breaks his legs. This is then followed by two men getting involved in an extremely unhealthy relationship. Somehow struggling Bum manages to leave the place. A cop Seungbae arrests Sangwoo after knowing his killings. Till the last moments of manhwa, Bum reaches the hospital to meet Sangwoo.

There the staff tells him that, Sangwoo died a couple of days ago. This makes Bum extremely depressed and his mental disturbances grow severely. The manhwa ends pointing towards the cross turning red, which suggests Bum is dead.

But still, something like that is a lot confirmed. Maybe this manhwa will return with another season. Let’s see, if some update arrives in the near future.

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