Captain Marvel 2: Is X-Men’s Villan in Captain Marvel Sequel.

Captain Marvel 2
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Captain Marvel 2 Updates: In this movie, there was a character named Rogue and she was a member of the X men. She was rumored to Captain Marvel 2.

Let us discuss all news about this movie. In this new film, Rogue appears as a villain in Captain Marvel 2. Rogue involvement becomes a huge part of this movie.

X-Men’s Villan in Captain Marvel 2

Rogue may be in the team of Marvel comics. On the other hand, Corsair and the StarJammers are coming in Captain Marvel 2. But, they are no fictional characters in the X men characters.

At first, Rogue was introduced by the Avengers movie in the year 1981. We may clearly expect the villain as Rogue in this Marvel universe. Rogue has the ability to capture the powers and memories of other superheroes.

This will make her a good role in this movie. Normally, When Rogue captures some of the hero’s power, she has the only ability to use the same power temporarily. Rogue super strength was clearly shown in this movie.

Captain Marvel 2
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In the Marvel comics, Carol was affected to transfer the power. But Rogue didn’t copy carol’s memories and power.  she had stolen them.  Because of this incident, a powerless carol thought that she losses her entire identity.

Later she also gains the same memory with the help of Professor Xavier. Even though she gained her memories again, but she was much depressed.

After some days, Carol moves from the earth and she joined the star jammer and she also becomes a superhero again.  Carol will be a huge part of this marvel comic universe as she was also a superhero in Marvel.

Rogue’s role will entertain all of the peoples and there will be some emotional scenes. This marvel movie will pick a more powerful villain and Rogue will be the secondary villain in this marvel story.

Like the new villains, there will also some of the new heroes in this story.  Let us wait and discover a better storyline for this movie.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. Stay tuned to discover more information about this movie.

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