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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5: Was it the Worst Episode of the Season So Far

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Update: As we all were thinking that the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead was doing a way better job than the previous season, the fifth episode of the sixth season proved us somewhat wrong. One of the main reasons that the present season of the show dragging behind is the not so terrifying villain, Ginny. She definitely does not compare to the level of frightening villains we have seen in such shows.

The season has gone on with a lot of melodrama going on and the fans have specifically been disappointed with the happy reunion of Dwight and Sherry because that is not going to happen. Yes, disappointingly enough, Sherry does not care about Dwight at all although he traveled half the world to find her.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6: Episode 5 detail

To her finding, Jimmy is more important to being united with her estranged husband. This does not seem practical at all as when people really love each other, they do not ramble on about how someone can change into something terrifying again

Fear the Walking Dead season 6

Another over-the-top thing in this show is definitely it’s an allergic reaction to any romance. The episode ends with Ginny still being alive and somehow all the lovers end up being cross with each other.

The only good thing we could in this episode was that Morgan confessed that he tried to turn everyone into his mini-self which was not good at all. Though the episode could not be tagged as completely horrible it was definitely weak, weaker than the third episode which was the low point of this season.

We cannot completely deny that this season has seen a lot of improvements compared to the previous season but a lot of things don’t seem to get along even in this season and seem uneven.

We cannot forget the scene of the AI SWAT van which seemed completely ridiculous for a plot for today’s generation series. The script and also a lot of many things in this season need improvement and we hope that the upcoming episodes of season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead do not disappoint fans the way the previous episodes have done.

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