Legends of Tomorrow Season 6: Casts Vampire Diaries’s Raffi Barsoumian as Villain and What we know so far

Legends of Tomorrow Updates: Legends of Tomorrow is quite famous for the troublesome super villains and the time-traveling superheroes by the end of the 5th season.

But, now it is clear that the Legends of Tomorrow will not have to deal with the aliens. Well, the good news is, this time, they have roped in the Vampire Diaries fame, Raffi Barsoumian to play the bad villain in the upcoming season.

Legends of Tomorrow Villain: Raffi Barsoumian, the good man or the bad man?

In Vampire Diaries, Season 5, Raffi portrayed the role of a villain aka Markos, the witch. But, if you compare it with his upcoming role in Legends of Tomorrow, you would find him in a much more heinous role in the latter role. He will be portraying the role of a character named Bishop.

According to TVLine, Bishop is an absolute genius who appears once in a lifetime. He thinks, he is the only one who can save the world after witnessing its end.

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Bishop is actually a sadistic, egoist person who hurts everything that breathes, but portrays himself as a jolly person. According to him, everyone, be it human or aliens are his guinea pigs.

But there is also good news, the Legends will be able to know about Bishop’s true identity very soon. They will also come to know that his obsession to play God will lead the world to an impending doom quite faster.

As compared to him trying to mend and modify everything. Bishop uses his super-intelligence to adapt and survive until the end of the world.

And, since he treats everything as his lab rat, he has a higher chance to be under the hit list of the Legends. Although in Season 5’s finale episode, we witnessed Sara getting abducted by aliens, still it will be Bishop who will be the villain.

The series is quite predictable when it comes to tackling the villains. But, personally, I think Bishop is going to be one of the greatest villains characters of the franchise.

So, let’s wait for any official promo or teaser to know more about this supervillain.

For any more updates, stay tuned.

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