My Next Guest Preview: Kim Kardashian West and letterman talk OJ Simpson.

My Next Guest Updates: The Netflix show ‘My Next Guest Needs no introduction with David Letterman’ released on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Where Letterman along with his team has always done and this time too did an appreciable job of putting together an engrossing, provocative, and unrestrained looks at some of the most famous faces in the present day entertainment world in the long-form interview format that has become a specialty when it comes to David Letterman on his show ‘My Next Guest Needs no introduction’.

My Next Guest: Robert Downey Jr.

Image Source: Deadline

The third season lines up an undeniably awesome set of episodes as it includes the famous star Robert Downey Jr a.k.a Tony Stark from the MCU, Dave Chappelle, the famous comic legend, reality television’s one of the most famous faces Kim Kardashian West and the Grammy award-winning singer Lizzo.

On Wednesday, October 21 2020 the Netflix series ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman’ will have us witness Kim Kardashian West offering some personal views on how it is like to grow up with the OJ Simpson trial being carried out in the world.

There were also clips that were released previously where Chappelle was seen discussing the wrongful death of Gorge Floyd and the huge impact that the death created on the country as well as the entire world.

Lizzo played the flute on the show to let Letterman know how it is done and then Robert Downey Jr revealed some rather interesting secrets about the Iron man helmet to Letterman and the viewers of the show.

The Netflix show ‘My Next Guest Needs no introduction with David Letterman’ is hosted by David Letterman with Lydia Tenaglia, Chris Collins, Chris Cechin-De la Rosa, and Alexandra Lowry for Zero Point Zero Production; The executive producers of the show are Tom Keaney and Mary Barclay for Worldwide pants.

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