House of Cards: Is Season 7 Renewed Or Cancelled? Click to know more

House of Cards Season 7 Updates: Everything is special when for the first time. Similarly, House of Cards is special for Netflix. House of Cards was the first original series of the streaming giant, Netflix. The seamless popularity and huge audience of the show were like a cherry on the cake.

However, even after being a popular and blockbuster hit, the show came to an abrupt and sudden end in 2018. Hence, since then the audience has been patiently waiting for the release of the seventh season of the series.

House of Cards is a web adaptation of the novel written by Michael Dobbs. It was published by the same name in 1989. The thriller political drama was created by Beau Willimon. The show made its debut in February 2013 with the first season comprising thirteen episodes. Further, it has dropped six seasons comprising seventy-three episodes.

Why was the plotline of House of Cards Shifted?

Until the fifth season of the show, Kevin Spacey who played the role of Frank Underwood in the show was the lead actor of the show. However, after the fifth season, there was a drastic change in the plotline. Clair Hale was made the lead actor suddenly.

It is presumed that the sudden shift was not due to a change in the flow of the storyline. However, it was due to certain external factors.

Kevin Spacey who played the role of Frank Underwood was accused of rape by Anthony Hopkins, a member of the leading cast. At the time, Anthony Hopkins was fourteen-years-old. However, within one day, a case was filed and allegations were reported. Suddenly, season six was announced as the final season of the show. Further, the makers did not cite the reason, however, it was understood.

Will there be a season 7 of the show?

Unfortunately, there are no chances of having one more season of the series. Though the show made strong and huge profits during the show, it wasn’t renewed. However, the fans still have a ray of hope. Netflix has canceled the renewal of many other series such as Gilmore Girls, Black Mirror. Hence, it is difficult for the series to make a comeback.

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