Helstrom is Officially Confirmed but not with the MCU- Click to know

Helstrom Updates: The news has been officially put to rest: According to producer Paul Zybszewski, Hulu’s forthcoming Marvel series Helstrom will not be covered by MCU.

Helstrom was developed when matters were very troublesome for Marvel television series. It was produced at Marvel Television alongside the Ghost Rider series.

Nevertheless, a corporate reorganization saw Marvel Television get soaked up into Marvel Studios proper, with MCU’s boss Kevin Feige taking over the small screen shows.

Apart from Helstrom left totally on its own, presently all the foregoing Marvel TV shows have come to an edge. Nonetheless, Hulu is still moving ahead with its premier releasing this week.

The storyline and cast of Helstrom:

The genre of the series is unquestionably horror, which matched the time perfectly with Halloween. The series is about the children of a murderous serial killer: Daimon ( Tom Austen) and Ana ( Sydney Lemmon), who together combat against the very worst of humanity and the devil who hide within. In addition to Austen and Lemmon, Helstrom starts :
1. Elizabeth Marvel
2. Robert Wisdom
3. June Carryl
4. Ariana Guerra
5. Alain Uy

Image Source: MSN

An often wondered question of the Marvel fans regarding the new project Helstrom was ultimately answered by Producer Zbyszewski during a recent interview with FanboyFactor stating that: ” we are not tied to MCU. We are our own separate thing”.

He further said, “There are Easter eggs in the show for sure, but they’re more towards that Helstrom universe, and that Ghost Rider universe”. Thus the fans can expect some Marvel Caster eggs as stated by the producer himself but just not the larger MCU.

Especially after the absence of the Marvel logo from Helstorm’s trailer, this won’t come as a big surprise to the fans that MCU is preparing to release its own television shows on Disney +.

As an unapologetically horror-centric series- Helstrom, it makes sense that Marvel would choose to let Helstrom be its own separate thing as it doesn’t quite fit in the more positive and brighter MCU.

This decision of Helstrom to be its own standalone thing can work in its favor or may work against it. On one side, The Marvel shows that have not been tied up with MCU have proven to reach big heights such as with Agents of Shield.

This guarantees that Helstrom won’t be needed to accommodate in reference to the Avengers or successful shows. But ok the other side, the absence of the Marvel logo might stop some viewers from giving Helstorm a shot.

Nonetheless, it can still bring in horror show fans but the absence of a Marvel tag might influence the viewers to give it a pass.

Helstrom is going to make its Hulu debut hereafter and its favorable outcome will be proven through whether it gets a season or not.

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