Godzilla: Singular Point: Netflix Announced the anime Series for 2021

Godzilla: Singular Point Updates: Godzilla franchise though has faced several ups and downs in past years. But it is one of the successful franchise until now. Meanwhile, live-action properties have a much positive fan response.

Netflix’s animation trilogy in the beginning got nearly universal dislikes for multiple reasons. But keeping all those aside recently Netflix announces another animation series.

Godzilla: Singular Point that will come with an opportunity to make amendments for previous trilogies. It will try to fill their shortcomings and gain some fans back.

The theme of Godzilla: Singular Point

The theme just in aftermath of a Global apocalypse that Godzilla’s destructive path brings. Previous trilogies by Netflix Planet of Monsters, City on the edge of battle, The Planet Eater. All follow thematics of humanity that takes to stars to find a new planet with habitat.

But as humanity fails in its plans.  They decide to return to the earth and kill Godzilla to win Earth back. But when they arrive, they discover Kaiju which is more powerful now. As it is mutated into a far more powerful and destructive creature. This will surely make their goal harder to achieve.

Image Source: Bounding Into Comics

Just to increase the complexion of the theme a group of space travelers arrives and meets a tribe of humans. These humans have adapted according to earth’s condition with Godzilla.

Though this new upcoming trilogy seems to be ambitious. But there is somewhat that viewers will not expect from the Godzilla franchise. The production team just driving the theme away from Godzilla.

The majority of the series focuses on Kaiju rather than on Godzilla. They choose to focus on their new Han character.

Despite all these things, fans will not have to wait for more for the next Godzilla fix.  Just Netflix is trying once again their hands on a Goku animation. Singular Point will be an episode series, rather than a movie or cinematic. This will include both hand-drawn and computer graphics animations.

Godzilla: Singular Point is a co-creation and hard work of Bones studios with Orange studios. Both studios are considered veterans of animation studios. Now it will be intersting to witness what these veterans will gift the audience this time.

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