Dexter Limited Series is Ready for Showtime in 2021- Click to know more

Dexter  Updates: James Manos Jr. created the show based on a series of novels named Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. Originally Dexter premiered on Showtime for eight seasons from 1 October 2006 to 22 September 2013.

The series can be said of physiological thriller, mystery, dark comedy, police procedural, and crime genres. The eighth season of Dexter gained a lot of viewers along its run.

Showtime announced a ten episodes limited series to be made, based on the original Dexter. The filming to start this winter and release sometime around the fall of next year.

Upcoming Dexter series announcement:

The original Dexter received a lot of acknowledgment from the viewers and various nominations from Emmy. The end of the series was something that fans felt hard to sink in.

However, there were speculations about a spin-off series to be made, and in 2014 David Navins, head of Showtime hinted that it would be possible if the main lead respires his role again on the screen.

Image Source: Daily Mail

The announcement of the upcoming limited series of Dexter by Showtime in October 2020 took the fans on the ninth cloud. The production is set to start in late 2020 while the expected release date in the fall of 2021.

The Cast and Plot of the upcoming Season:

The broadcasting channel has not revealed much about the cast members or the plot of the limited series yet. However, the former lead Michael C. Hall will reappear as Dexter again in the upcoming Dexter, and Clyde Phillips will be joining the crew again as the executive producer of the show.

It is a relief for the viewers for our favorite Dexter to have the same face. The plot is definitely based on the original Dexter series and might start from where the series ended in the eighth season.

But these are just speculations, we will notify you as soon as Showtime reveals something about the cast and plot.

The president of Showtime, Gary Levine considers Dexter a special series for both the channel and the fans. Viewers need to keep a little patience and wait for the updates about the series. For related updates and more such articles, stay tuned!

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