Master of None Season 3 in Middle of Sexual harassment Allegations?

Master of None Season 3 Updates: The comedy series, Master of None, aired on Netflix, casts Aziz Ansari as Dev in the lead role. He is aged of 30 years old guy who jobs as a commercial actor in New York City.

Maximum of his time is spent as chilling with his friends, and upon that, during that span of time many craziest and consequential events take place. The thought for his series was based on Aziz Ansari’s own life and moments and he turned it into a script and shot it as well.

The before seasons of the show were at a good response for awards at the Emmys and Golden Globes, still its standing as renewal is not assured a decision upon it.

The beginning of the show came into light in 2015. The show was virally commended and won an Emmy as well, it has a second season which was shot in Italy, in which the lead of the series Dev, came through a new angle of love.

Claims Against Master of None Season 3

To the feat of the second season, Ansari met with #Metoo accusations through a woman who said that the actor “pressure” her into a discomfort zone. Even though he spoke about the accusations and expressed his apologizes to her in person, some people don’t think it’s sufficient.

Image Source: Digital Spy

Aziz Ansari had stayed back in the Hollywood light after the claims were made. In January 2018, a website published an article about where a woman expressed her feelings about the discomfort and even sexually-sketching zones she had gone through with Ansari while being dated with the latter.

Ansari acknowledged to the claims, “I took her words to heart and responded in personal after taking the time span what she said. I continue to stay with the cause in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue.”

After the reply, Ansari neither attended any interviews nor came out in the public for many days, making many fans ponder about the up in the air claims and what would it show up for the upcoming season of Master of None.

Plan for Master of None Season 3

Netflix’s in charge of unique content Cindy Holland previewed that the streaming tech would not mind doing another season. Holland expressed that she has not discussed with Ansari about his interest in coming up with the sequel of next season that’s season 3, but she confirmed Netflix’s viewpoint on the same.

“We certainly would be cherish to build up another season of Master of None with Aziz,” she said to the press.

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