A plot hole created in New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine due to Damon Wayans Jr.

New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Plot hole: It aired on Fox Broadcasting Company between 2011 and 2018. New Girl was appreciated by the audience and the critics from the very beginning due to its sense of humor.

The story features Jessica Day; a young teacher in her 30’s who comes to live with her boyfriend, but leaves immediately when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. She decided to move into a loft in Las Angeles with three men (Nick, Schmidt, and Coach) of her own age. After the pilot episode, Winston replaced Coach, who vacated the apartment to live with his girlfriend.

Damon Wayans Jr.(Coach) returned to the show in New Girl Season 3, and left at the end of season 4, though he made a guest appearance through season 5 to 7. The show never forgot about Coach, but when it was the time for the crossover with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Coach’s existence created a plot hole.

The crossover event took place in both the shows: first in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and after that in New Girl’s ‘Home Coming’ episode. The episode features Jess and her friends traveling to New York, she met Jake Peralta there and helped him with a case. We saw Coach making an appearance at the end of the episode; this wouldn’t have been a problem if Damon Wayans Jr. didn’t have a role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Wayans Jr. played the role of Stevie Schillens in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but things didn’t end up well for him. Stevie is a partner of Jake. They worked together in the forces, but Charles discovers that Stevie was the one who planted evidence. The role of Stevie end when he was arrested by the cops, it was the last his fans saw him in the show. New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are part of the same universe now, coach showed up at the end of the crossover episode.

The thing was not mentioned by anyone first, but the fans addressed it after noticing it. Of Course, New Girl is not the only show to have plot holes like this, but it doesn’t also affect the arc of a character.

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