Deaf U: Will there be Season 2 or Not?

Deaf U Season 2: Deaf U gained a good number of fan followings among the deaf and hard of hearing pupils, who visit Gallaudet University. Both The Haunting of Bly Manor as well as the reality show Deaf U has been streamed on the streaming giant, Netflix on the 9th of October 2020. Deaf U has been a greatly popular show among the deaf student6s who attend Gallaudet University. Just read on to know more about the show, Deaf U, and whether it is going to or not going to be staged.

Deaf U: Will there be Season 2 or Not?

The issue that arises here is will there be another season for the famous, Deaf U? We all know that a few of the series and films have been reversed many series and films and also have put up many restrictions on filming. The present pandemic has also affected production to a very great extent. Then what about Deaf U? Where has it’s a fate reserved? Let’s read on to know.

According to Pop Sugar, Nyle DiMarco, who is one of the few deaf and very successful people in the industry, believes in the return of the show. He feels that the show’s executive producer, Nyle DiMarco, trusts the show to return because now is the time to bring in more pervasive and multi layered presentations into being. Believing that such kind of a show, which makes a different kind of show to portray the deaf community has never been used prior to this. Nyle DiMarco has achieved great success in many big projects before, like, America’s next top model and dancing with the stars. Marco holds this project a bit more closer to his heart and believes in its a success.

Prior to this, we have seen that Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking and Love on The Spectrum, was able to collect a good response and outreached varied lifestyles, cultures, and societies. Deaf U includes various aspects of essences like love, relationships, sexuality, romance just like the ones already published before. We can very well say that it is very sweet and romantic planning for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

It is very difficult to say whether the show will be back with the second season. Till then let us celebrate the first season which is going to be premiered soon. Till then stay tuned and stick around for more updates.

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