5 reasons why Henry Cavill would be a better option for Sherlock.

Henry Cavill Updates: Recently, Netflix- original comedy-drama movie, Enola Holmes was a hot topic on the internet. It was based on a series of books by Nancy Springer, which traces the adventurous journey of Enola, Sherlock’s sister.  Over the past month, Enola Holmes has become the most-watched movie.

The movie has some comic elements as well as an important message for the society. Enola Holmes stars Milly Bobbie Brown as Enola, Sam Clafina s Mycroft, while Henry Cavill as Sherlock.  Cavil is an unusual choice to portray Sherlock, but interestingly, he made quite an impression on the audience with his commendable acting. Here are a few reasons why Henry Cavill aced his role as Sherlock.

Henry Cavill would we a better option for Sherlock: know why

1. A Calm mind on His Shoulders

The film portrays Sherlock Holmes at his young age before he came across Dr. John Watson. John Watson apparently was his only ally as per other Sherlock stories. Holmes portrayed here is a calm, composed person with a mild temperament. He is not easily irked and has a sane and responsible mindset among all his siblings. Cavill portrays the role of a perfect lo

2. A bit more Caring

Sherlock (Cavill) was away from home for a long time before his mother disappeared. But as soon as he received this news, he came back to search for her. He shows his care and concern in his own style, in an introverted manner.

Sherlock reminisces about his past and even recalls Enola’s childhood. No doubt Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is a bit more evolved, but Cavill’s Sherlock is more sensitive and is more emotionally vulnerable than the former.

3. Cavil’s Sherlock involves less of dramaCavill’s Sherlock was quite a brilliant detective but somewhat failed to achieve the success which he should achieve. However, this never meant he is open to drama unlike his brother Mycroft, who is a drama queen as per Enola Holmes’s movie. But as compared to Cumberbatch’s Holmes, the latter is a bit of a drama queen and all his actions have a clear deduction with a huge fan following, which impresses the already impressed audience even more.

Also, Cavill carries out all his investigations quietly without being noticed or being a public spectacle.

4. A bit more family-orientedCavil in this movie is more family-oriented as compared to any other version of Sherlock in the BBC series ever shown. Unfortunately, in Enola Holmes’s movie, Sherlock enjoys a very less screen time as the movie is all about his sister. So, no hair raising murder mystery for him to solve. He is portrayed as a more sensitive and caring person who looks after his siblings and desperately tries to find his mother.

5. Easily steps down from the limelightIn the Enola Holmes movie, Sherlock enjoys very little limelight. But is quite happy about his character and happily takes the back seat, while allowing his younger sister to take the driving seat.  The film has a feminist approach as Sherlock is empowered by the women present in his life, be it his sister or mother. Sherlock willingly gives up the stardom for his little sister’s tantrums and brilliance.

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