Family Guy Season 19: Stewie’s First Word and reference from Curb Your Enthusiasm

Family Guy Season 19 Updates: Seth MacFarlane created an American animated sitcom for Fox Broadcasting Company known as “Family Guy”. Seth MacFarlane co-developed the series along with David Zuckerman.

The series is composed jointly by Ron Jones and Walter Murphy while the theme music of “Family Guy” is by Walter Murphy. The series has a total of 350 episodes and on 11 May 2020 Fox officially announced that “Family Guy” is renewed for its the nineteenth season.

Family Guy Season 19 Stewie’s first word :

The story revolves around a family named Griffins, who live in a fictional city, Quahog, Rhode Island. The members of the family are Peter and Lois (the parents), Meg, Chris and Stewie (the children), and Brian (their pet dog). The youngest member of the family, Stewie didn’t actually communicate verbally throughout the past 18 seasons. Only Brian was able to understand him.

But finally, after a lot of guesswork, we witness Stewie’s first verbal communication or we can say that his first word in the premiere of the nineteenth season. Due to frustration and anger, he was finally able to voice his thoughts so that others can understand it too. He made his very first dialogue a total surprise for the viewers as he dropped a swear word in the middle of the church.

If we state it clearly then, it is that he said “Fuck”. As a child addicted to technology, lack of Internet connectivity is akin to abuse. Later when Brain and Stewie think about how others can understand him now, Stewie realizes that he might only be able to communicate when he is influenced by anger and frustration and this thought scared him.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Reference:

For the past 20 years the Curb Your Enthusiasm has a great influence on television comedy. When Cinema Blend asked the showrunners about why they used this track in the nineteenth season of the series they answered, ” We just love Curb.

That music is one of the best joke punctuations in comedy history. We love Larry and we wanted to honor him by stealing from him”. This track is first recognized when Stewie tries to yell something and the music starts to plays.


Family Guy is well acclaimed by the viewers since its premiere. It has a bittersweet reception. As we see that it got three Primetime Emmy Awards and three Annie Awards while being nominated for 12 times. The series also received criticism for its offensive content and writing.

There was an announcement on 23 September 2020 by Fox where it was mentioned that the series will continue until at least the twenty-first season which is a delight for fans. To keep yourself updated with the latest news and read such articles, stay tuned!

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