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Beastars Debuts Voice Actor Pina’s New Character in Beastars Season 2

Beastars Season 2,

Beastars Season 2 Updates: A new character named Pina will be entering the cast of Beastars in Season 2. The new character will be a Dall sheep. A graphic of the same has been released by the makers of the show.

Beastars is a manga series written by Paru Itagaki. The story of the show is set in a modernized and civilized world in which there us a cultural division between carnivores and herbivores. The show belongs to the coming-of-age and fantasy genre. It is also episodic in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine. A new character is joining the cast of Beastars now.

New Character in Beastars Season 2

A new character will be joining the cast of the show in Season 2. The name of this character is Pina. It is a male Dall sheep. A Dall sheep is a large white wild sheep found typically in Alaska and British Columbia. The makers have announced the name of voice over actor for the character along with a portrait of the character.

Beastars Season 2,

The Orange Animation Studio tweeted the art of the new member on its twitter handle. The caption read, “Beastars Announcement! Pina’s character visual is out!”. It stated how Pina will be joining the other animals along with Legosi at the Cherryton Academy.

Who will Give Voice to Pina?

Yuki Kaji, a Japanese voice over artist will be giving voice to Pina. It is cited that Kaji was a long-time Beastars. He was a follower of the show even before the animated adaptation was announced. However, the voice actor for English Dub has not been selected and announced yet.

The portrait of Pina shows large and longhorns with a cocky carriage. The manga version of the show showed Pina as a part of the school drama club along with Legosi and Louis. Further, he is popular and has a good reputation among students.

Beastars premiered in Japan in October 2019 and released in the United States in March. The second season is anticipated to release in 2021.


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