Almost after a wait of two and a half years of Undone.

We got its first glimpse in September 2019, when Amazon Prime Video’s original series released ‘Undone’ first season.

In addition, it was Amazon’s first original adult animated series. ‘Undone’ was also the first to be created with rotoscoping.

Now, the long wait of fans has finally come to an end. With Amazon Prime Video officially ready to release Undone Season 2.

The story pilots around a 28-year-old Alma Winograd-DiazCurrently living in San Antonio, Texas, but had a drastic change in her life after a car accident

After having a near-death experience. She seems to have gained the power to alter the concept of time resulting in a dramatic alteration

Soon discovers that she can move along time and space. More precisely it can be described as time travel.