‘Gaslit’ Season 1 makes everyone wish that Julia would get more juicy roles on the silver screen again.

It probably won’t hurt to point out that Julia Roberts can be considered one of the most attractive and alluring performers to ever grace the screen.

Hollywood has already spent decades on the political mess that was the Watergate scandal unraveling, romanticizing, and unpacking.

Giving us works such as All the President’s Men to Frost/Nixon to The Post, giving us seemingly every angle.

In addition, now Starz’s new series Gaslit is all ready to make it on the list. The narrative, is a twisted, at times borderline humorous approach to unpacking the scandal.

This time revolving its storyline on Nixon’s incompetent, self-serving, and maniacal lackeys.

This time, the untold tale of ambitious idiots and over-confident zealots has on its heart sitting Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts).