Netflix has got you covered without you having to leave the convenience of your couch. Love In The Villa, the streamer’s newest summer romantic comedy

However, when she gets there, she finds that stiff Britisher Charlie (Tom Hopper), who travels to Verona every year for his business looking for vintners

Graham was drawn to the project by Mark Steven Johnson (Christopher Robin), the film’s director and writer, and his script.

She brought her own printed travel schedule from a previous trip to one of her first meetings with Johnson since she was particularly moved by all the connections between herself and Julia.

In a similar manner, Hopper was interested in the script due to the fact that he thought it would appeal to his wife, Laura, who also stars in the movie as Cassie.

She also expressed her personal curiosity about playing Cassie, which later prompted her to apply for the part and get cast.

That consequently put Hopper in a little bit of a weird scenario when he showed up on set. Let’s go over all we know about the Netflix original Love In The Villa, including its premiere date, plot, and cast.

Presented by Mark Steve Johnson, Love In The Villa is scheduled to make its Netflix debut on September 1, 2022.

The picturesque Italian city of Verona served as the setting for the beginning of filming for the Netflix original series Love In The Villa in the month of September 2021.